Wool Drawing: Cat In The Sun

I’ve been working on some small side projects in service to the crowdfunding campaign I’m getting ready to launch. This will be my first such campaign, and I’ve been doing a lot of research on best practices. Often people use crowdfunding to launch new products, so your pledge is a pre-order of that product. I’m seeking funding to finish my InTouch public art exhibition (to pay for the steel hanging structure for the Hanging Pods, and paying studio assistants and studio rent) so I’m offering small thank you gifts. The tricky part is making sure that fulfilling those pledge gifts doesn’t take too much time and energy away from the big project they are meant to make possible.

My solution is to offer cards and prints made from scans of my wool drawings, as well as some experiential thank yous— more on that later. Below is a video of one of the drawings I’m having made into an archival 9x12-inch print. I’m calling it ‘Cat in the Sun’. I only recently learned about ‘ASMR’, and think this may fit right in.