Crowdfunding for intouch

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InTouch is a free public art project meant to engage audiences through the sense of touch. I’m creating human-sized interactive sculpture out of the wool and felt I’ve become known for- but finally audiences are invited to indulge in the desire to experience the art in a hands-on way.

People often yearn to touch my visibly soft and mysterious felted wool sculpture, and when I invite them to do so it causes friends and strangers alike to interact with each other in fleeting moments of shared wonder. I want to make that happen more, on a larger scale.  For over two years I've been working on a gallery exhibition of uniquely touchable large-scale sculpture. By enlisting the help of community volunteers in the hands-on artmaking, 'InTouch' is already becoming a successful experiment in getting audiences to connect with the art and each other. 

In six months 'InTouch' will debut as a free public art exhibition at Santa Clara University's de Saisset Museum, where it will show for 20 weeks and reach upwards of 8,000 visitors. As I head into the home stretch I'm looking for more partners to help me finish funding the project. I've already raised nearly $20K of this $40K project; I'm turning to Indiegogo to finish it.

I'm so excited to present 'InTouch'-- I can hardly wait to observe how visitors react and interact with the sculpture I’ve been planning and making for over two years. For me, the audience response will be a big part of the artwork.