Overbred Animals

I create soft and fuzzy felted wool sculptures of animals bred to ridiculous extremes intended to prompt a dialog on the responsibility people have to the biological world.
My 'overbred' creatures are a series of animals that bear the imagined results of domestication pushed to absurdity. The attributes that make them appealing, useful, marketable, and handy for human use are short-sighted and human-centric. They are both strange and familiar, and arouse amusement, sympathy and disgust. It is not impossible to imagine that they may soon come to be, through breeding and bioengineering.
The word 'bioengineering' suggests an unprecedented degree of control and power over life forms. It is easy to take for granted the extent to which the 'natural' world we are familiar with has already been manipulated by civilization for our convenience, safety, profit, and enjoyment. By simply living our everyday lives—from the clothing we wear, to the food we eat and the spaces we occupy—we all create the demand that shapes the biological world.
Bioengineering is not just something that goes on in isolation in a lab—it is also a set of values we continually weigh in on as a society. The life forms we support are testimony to our judgments, goals, and desires.
My work aims to remind people of the human role, for better or worse, in modern evolution.

All content © Stephanie Metz
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