Abstractions: Amorphozoa
Abstractions: Avicular
These pieces are an attempt to distill the essence of a creature-- to functionally and aesthetically simplify living organisms to mere suggestions of parts. These sculptures are the next logical step following my ‘Overbred’ creatures: these life forms have been further manipulated to maintain a presence as a soft and furry creature while functioning as minimalist sculpture for the home or office. These creatures are made to fulfill the human desire to surround oneself with nature, but on human terms: carefully manufactured nature that is both tactilely appealing and low maintenance. Mimicking the dichotomy of the concept of nature conceived in a lab they are warm yet cool and aloof, cuddly yet strange and almost menacing.

The word Amorphozoa refers to animals without a mouth or regular internal organs. Avicular means ‘of or pertaining to birds.’

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